Since plants from and for clients come and go, my own garden is in fact more of a nursery. Plants often remain in pots, but are placed to look good together. The day will come and I will start a definitive design.
Phormium in front garden
Seat under Cercis and Banana
Melanthus and Californian Lilac in flower
New Front garden 2008
Bench on lawn
Muhlenbeckia on metal frames
Foliage with lighting
Monkey Puzzle Tree
Diascia in Salmon Pink
Phormium and Verbena
Phormium and Autumn colour
Grasses and flowers
Bronze Banana
Old front garden
Window box and Phormium
Heuchera and Helichrysum
Muhlenbeckia Horns and Monkey Puzzle Tree
Melianthus and Ceris
Ginko in autumn colour
Corkia, Cercis and Phormium
New front garden with Morning Glory
Back Garden
Grasses and Nepta
Dave under Horns
Front Garden over spilling
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