When my parents bought this house in 1986 they allowed me to develop it gradually into paradise. It was my playground and I continue to learn from my mistakes and my successes. A few years later and they have bought neighbours gardens too, and my  visits are filled with are filled with planning, planting and maintaining. Something both parties are grateful for.
Front in August
Alliums and Ferns
Golden Elm
Hostas on patio
Box balls and Buddha
Welcoming Pan by entrance
Pollarded Lime Tree
and Pine
Euphorbia Pulcherrima
Patio under old
Walnut Tree
Sedum and seedhead
Medusa between Yew cones
Aralia and Birch
House from the east
Green in green
border in Spring
Hostas and Ferns
Helleborus, Hostas
and Bergenia
Salvia in flower
Berberis and Alchemilla
Ferns under Sorbus
Foliage mix with Alliums
Freshly pollarded Lime tree in Summer
Yew cone and pollarded Lime tree in late Summer
view of the house in Autumn
Ferns and other foliage under Birch
Freshly pollarded Lime tree in Winter
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