Growing plants gives you many advantages, you can move them around, which is great when space is limited. Or if the ground cannot be dug up (paving, steps, or porches) it is the only solution. On the other side it means a limited solution as permaent planting needs repotting one day and needs to be watered and fed more regularly.
Narrow Courtyard
Stipa Grass and Nicotiana
Rose and Nemesia
Pots surrounding a small pond
Containers framing front door
My front garden
Anemone and Hydrangea
Pots on steps
Troughs on a balcony
Colourful window box
Troughs below pergola
Pots planted in blue ans white
Fuschia Thalia and Ipomea
Geranium, Petunia and Lobelia
Fuschia Thalia and Begonias
Trailing Begonias
Mixed bedding in trough
Tulips surrounding pond
Window box in Salmon Pink
Window box in Red and Purple
Steps with Lavender
Nasturtium and Helichrysum
Pots in Autumn
Window box with Caspsicum and Nepeta
Front garden with various containers
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